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254275 OOP - Lab1 Extra Sec 3 Fundamental 2/2563

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Venus takes 224.70 Earth days to complete one orbit around the Sun (compared to Earth which takes 365.25 days). The program should input your age on Earth (integer) and output your age on Venus to 3 decimal places.

Hint: use String.format("%.3f", value) to convert a double to a String at 3 d.p.

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Write a program that takes a planet name and outputs information about that planet. The program should accept input in any case (e.g. “Mars” == “mars” == “MARS”).

Hint Use .equalsIgnoreCase(" ")

ListName Of Planet








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Read in a number Printout the factorial. (5!=5*4*3*2*1=120)
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Write a program that inputs 1 integer and then draws a star using *

Hint: Use 2 loop

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Write a Java program to check the Leap Year if a leaf years print true but no print false
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The Dean would like students to help write a program to calculate the change. By calculating the minimum amount of coins for changing money Here we have 5 types of coins: 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1. The program will receive two values: the price of the item to be paid and the amount received. And display the result as the number of coins in the change of money according to the coin type

Hint Use Mod

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Read in a string and an integer. Print out the x-th character of the string, where x is the integer from the user input. If the integer is greater than the length of the string then print “error".

Hint Use charAt

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Write a program To count the number of characters (a, e, i, o, u)