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273387 Swift - Mini Test 3 The final class

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You are given 2 ordered lists and must combine the elements into 1 ordered list. For example:
let list1 = [2, 3, 7, 9]
let list2 = [1, 5, 6]
let combined = merge(list: list1, with: list2)   // [1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9]
Write the merge function that takes 2 parameters (both Int arrays) and returns the combined ordered list.

Use the following code as a template:

// TODO: write your function here

print("Enter list 1:")
let list1 = (readLine() ?? "").components(separatedBy: ",").flatMap { Int($0)}
print("Enter list 2:")
let list2 = (readLine() ?? "").components(separatedBy: ",").flatMap { Int($0)}
let result: [Int] = merge(list: list1, with: list2)
print({ String($0) }).joined(separator: ","))
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The amount of rain is calculated each month and stored in the Rainfall class. Complete the class such that it returns the rainfall for a month, the total rainfall over 12 months, the average rainfall over 12 months and the month with the highest rainfall. Use the following code as a template:
class Rainfall {
    var amounts: [Float]
    init(amounts: [Float]) {
        self.amounts = amounts
    // TODO: write functions

print("Enter rainfall amounts:")
let list = (readLine() ?? "").components(separatedBy: ",").flatMap { Float($0)}
let rainfall = Rainfall(amounts: list)
print("July: \( 6))")
print("Total: \(")
print("Average: \(rainfall.average())")
print("Highest month: \(rainfall.highestMonth())")
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Write a program that determines the winning move in a game of noughts and crosses (tic tac toe).

In this example, it is O's turn and they can win by placing an O in column 1, row 2. The input to the program is a 3x3 grid and the current player. The output will be the column and row (1-3) of the winning move. If there is no winning move then return NONE.