Graderpractice for programmers

231322 Java U1 - Mastering the Basics

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Tab complete:
- Type Sy and press Tab
- Type .o and press Tab

Force suggestion:
- Type . then click somewhere else
- Click after the ".", and press Ctrl + Space

Static analysis:
- Type .println("Sawasdee krap") (no semi-colon)
- Notice the red underline
- Move the mouse over it & read the error
- Fix your code! :)
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Type the following:
public static void main(String[] args) {
    Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
Error Messages:
- Build your code
- Read the error message

- Click on Scanner
- Press Alt + Enter
- Press Enter again to accept "Import class"

Finish & run:
- Read & write one line with: System.out.println(sc.nextLine());
- Press Shift + F10 to run your program
Awaiting submission
Write sout and press tab
Press Ctrl + D (4 times)
Write your name, nickname, FB name, student code
Write "I love Java :)"
Click on your student code
Press Shift + Alt + Up (3 times)
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Read in 1 line (a name)
Say hello in 3 languages: Hello, Hola, Sawadee
Awaiting submission
Read 2 lines: name and greeting
Concatenate them
Print the result
Watch the code execute using the IntelliJ runtime debugger :)