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254271 Fundamentals - Mini Test 1 (Sec 3 & 4)

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Write a program that outputs "Welcome to CSIT Cafe" followed by a row of 20 dashes (-).
Write a program that reads in a number (1-4) and outputs the name of the drink corresponding to the menu below. If the number is outside the range then output "Unknown".

1) Espresso
2) Cappuccino
3) Americano
4) Mocha

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Customers write their orders on paper as a list of quantities (see below) which must be relayed to the barista. Write a program to convert a list of 4 quantities into a list of drinks that the barista must produce.
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Write a program to generate a receipt for your order. The input is the same as part C.
The prices of the drinks are: Espresso 35 baht, Cappuccino 40 baht, Americano 35 baht, Mocha 45 baht.