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254275 OOP - Mini Test 1 (re-run)

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Read in an integer. If it is divisible by 100 then print "100s". If it is divisible by 10 then print "10s". Else print "1s".
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The cube sequence is 1, 8, 27, 64, 125, ... n*n*n. Read in the number n and print out the sequence of cubes up to the n-th item.
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Read in an integer x. Print a large letter O using asterisk (*). It should have a line of x-2 asterisks at the top, left, right and bottom with a dot in each corner. Assume x is greater than 2.
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Read in a list of words. For each word, print out the second, third and fourth characters. When the program reaches the word "quit" then stop.
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A house has a living room, a kitchen, X bedrooms and Y toilets. Complete the House class by writing 3 methods:
  • getBedrooms returns the number of bedrooms X
  • getToilets returns the number of toilets Y
  • getTotal returns the total number of rooms (X + Y + 2)

Submit the file ONLY!

class House {
    private int bedrooms;
    private int toilets;

    public House(int bedrooms, int toilets) {
        this.bedrooms = bedrooms;
        this.toilets = toilets;
Test code:
class TestE {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
        House h = new House(sc.nextInt(), sc.nextInt());
        System.out.println("My house has " + h.getTotal() + " rooms including " + h.getBedrooms() + " bedrooms and " + h.getToilets() + " toilets.");