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254271 Fun (2562 Sec 1&2) - Mini Test 1

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Read in two integers that represent a vector (x, y) in a 2D space. Print out the quadrant number where the point is.

The 4 quadrants of a 2D space are:

Point P is in Quadrant II.

The input vector will always have exactly 1 quadrant. Ignore the case of points that are along the axis (e.g. 0,y and x,0 are not valid inputs).

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Read in two real numbers (type double). Print out every integer in between (exclusive) in ascending order.

Hint: you can use Math.floor(1.23) to get 1.0 and Math.ceil(1.23) to get 2.0.

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Read in 3 positive integers. The first number is the size of the quadrant (grid). The second and third numbers are a point (x,y) in the quadrant. Print out the quadrant (a square of dots) where X marks the point.

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Write a program that adds two vectors of any dimension d.

The first line of the input contains the integer d. The remaining d lines each contain 2 integers, the first column is vector 1 and the second column is vector 2.

The output contains vector 1, vector 2 and the result of adding the vectors. The + and = should be on the last line of the output.